Google is releasing a long-promised Google Assistant update, helping users automatically change passwords that may have been compromised.

The technology, which was announced on Google I / O almost a year ago, is now being introduced to users of the Google Chrome browser for Android.

It works through Duplex technology, which is designed to automate certain processes. When the company introduced it, it was more about dinner reservations, but now it’s dealing with a more pressing need.

If you log in with a password that was part of a leak, the Assistant will take the initiative and propose a change, perhaps to circumvent your “I’ll do it later”

Once the browser spies on the password issue, it will offer to automatically change it for you with a secure alternative that will help you lock the account you are logging into.

Naturally, it will keep the received secure password and overwrite the existing details to ensure a smooth transition between the two.

The function observed in the wild by the draining Max Weinbach (via 9to5Google) advises users to “change their password now”.

He added: “Chrome has found the password you just used for data breaches. Your Google Now may automatically change your password. “Users can then agree to the change and go to the next screen where a new password will be offered. At this point, it’s still possible to choose your own.

Companies like Google are working hard to ensure that users are not caught in a data leak, and eliminating password-changing issues is a sure way to ensure that people who think they have more pressing issues with to deal with first remain protected.

Google Assistant now offers to change your awful passwords for you

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