Google celebrates teachers on Tuesday with Doodle for Teacher ‘s Thanksgiving Day, part of National Teacher Gratitude Week, which will take place from 2 to 6 May this year.

Doodle, which emphasizes learning tools, is inspired by State teachers of the year 2022. Google’s Erich Nagler, who created Doodle, spoke to teachers about their careers and life in the classroom, with some even sketching out their own Doodle ideas that teachers appreciate.

“One quote from our brainstorming that I have left was ‘Teachers give students the opportunity to share their ideas with tools,'” Nagler wrote in blog post about Doodle in Tuesday. “So I tried to create a still life of all these different learning tools around the teacher’s desk and board.”

Google too shared a post by Kurt Russella history teacher at Oberlin High School in Ohio, named National Teacher of the Year for 2022, for the importance of teachers and their ability to change their lives.

Russell said the US Teachers of the Year came together as a community to work on Doodle, adding: “I hope all the other teachers who see it on today’s homepage feel seen and celebrated.”

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