Finding specific files in Google Drive can be a challenge, especially with the current mix of shared items, recent documents, starred files, and different suggestions. However, a new feature in development aims to improve organization: file categories.

Google Drive aims to simplify the management of files with categories

Predefined and customizable categories

The code discovered by TheSpAndroid reveals that Google is working on 12 predefined categories, including “Auto”, “Banking”, “Expenses” and “Travel”. These categories provide a starting point for users to organize their files. But unlike traditional folders, a single file can belong to multiple categories.

For example, a receipt for a hotel stay can be categorized as both “Expenses” and “Travel,” allowing users to quickly find relevant documents regardless of their original submission method. This flexibility goes beyond the limitations of folders, where a file can only be in one place.

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Improved search and organization across platforms

The categories feature is planned to be available for all Google Drive platforms, including Android, iOS and the web version. This ensures consistent organization across devices, simplifying file management regardless of how users access Drive.

Potential for information overload

While categories offer a more nuanced approach to file organization, there are concerns that this feature could add complexity to the already crowded menu in Drive’s interface. Ideally, Google could consider streamlining the overall user experience alongside the rollout of new features.

Availability and future development

The arrival and functionality of the categories remains uncertain. Development cycles can take months and there is no guarantee of a public release. However, this potential addition signifies Google’s continued efforts to improve the user experience within Drive.

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Stay tuned for further updates on the availability of categories and other upcoming Google Drive features.

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Google Drive Introduces File Categories for Easier Organization