Google Pixel Watch debuted during the user presentation of I / O 2022 on Wednesday as the company’s first smartwatch – a long time after it was part of the rumors. The new offer is available in a round dome design, unlike the Apple Watch, which has a rectangular display that has rounded edges. The Pixel Watch also has a variety of color options and a list of fitness tracking features. In addition to the Pixel Watch, Google has introduced the Pixel Buds Pro as its latest truly wireless stereo (TWS) headset – as opposed to Apple’s AirPods Pro and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro.

Google Pixel Watch, price of Pixel Buds Pro

The price of the Google Pixel Watch has not yet been revealed. However, Google said during the keynote speech that the smartwatch will be available in the US this fall.

Google Pixel Buds Pro, on the other hand, is priced at $ 199 (approximately Rs 15,400). The headphones are available in four different colors – charcoal, coral, fog and lemongrass – and will begin pre-ordering in the United States on July 21.

Details of the launch of the Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds Pro in India are yet to be revealed.

Google Pixel Watch specifications

Google Pixel Watch works with the latest Wear OS and has a round display with minimal frames and curved glass protection, which carries a dome-like design like a stone. It comes with a tactile crown – similar to Apple Watch’s Digital Crown – and has a stainless steel construction. The Pixel Watch also comes with customizable, removable wrist straps that can be easily attached. However, the watch does not seem to support any ordinary 22 mm straps. It also sounds familiar if you’ve seen an Apple Watch that supports custom-style tapes.

As for the software side of things, Google said the Pixel Watch works with an improved Wear OS user interface with smoother navigation and smart notifications. It makes sense for Google to provide a clear experience of its own device compared to other smartwatches, so you may notice a list of differences from other Wear OS models.

“Everything is designed so that you can touch your voice and look so you can be more present at home, at work or on the go,” said Rick Osterlo, senior vice president of devices and services at Google. speech time.

The Pixel Watch is also integrated with Google’s offerings, including Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Wallet, to provide an enhanced experience. Google also made the Pixel Watch a remote for compatible smart home devices using the Home app for Wear OS. This allows you to adjust your thermostat or turn the lights on or off directly from your wrist.

Google is further integrating Fitbit into the Pixel Watch to provide “industry-leading health and fitness experiences” out of the box. Google said the watch provides continuous monitoring of heart rate and sleep. Users can also see their minutes in the active zone when training, and track their statistics and progress against various fitness goals.

Pixel Watch also works with the Find My Device app to help users find their lost Pixel phone, headphones or any other supported device on a map available on their wrist.

Google Pixel Buds Pro specifications

Google Pixel Buds Pro is available with Active Noise Reduction (ANC), which uses a new silent sealing technology that is said to help compensate for sound leakage and maximize the amount of noise that has been eliminated. This makes the new headphones a significant upgrade over the existing Pixel Buds and Pixel Buds A-Series, as both do not have ANC support. Pixel Buds Pro also includes a transparency mode that helps users hear ambient sound. Later this year, Google also promised to update the Pixel Buds Pro with spatial audio support to take over Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Google Pixel Buds Pro comes with ANC and transparency mode
Photo credit: Google

In detail ANC, Google said the headphones carry beam-forming microphones that use machine-trained noise suppression algorithms to suppress wind traffic and other background noise. The headphones are also powered by a custom audio chip that is said to provide energy efficiency to withstand hardware up to 11 hours of listening time or seven hours with ANC enabled.

Like existing Pixel Buds and other Pixel devices, the Pixel Buds Pro comes with a hands-free Google Assistant experience. You can use the experience to translate into 40 languages ​​or ask an Assistant to get walking directions without having to physically use your phone.

Google bundled the Pixel Buds Pro headset with a charging case that has USB Type-C cable charging as well as Qi wireless charging. Headphones also include multipoint connectivity support, which allows users to connect them to “compatible phones, tablets, laptops and TVs” simultaneously and switch between audio streams while on the go. Users will also be able to find their Pixel Buds Pro using Find My Device in case they lose the handset.

In terms of connectivity, Pixel Buds Pro has Bluetooth v5.0. The headset can be paired with any Bluetooth v4.0 + device, including Android and iOS devices, as well as tablets and laptops.

The case has an IPX2 splash-proof design, while the headphones have IPX4 perspiration resistance. The headset also includes capacitive touch sensors to support touch and drag gestures. The charging case supports sFast Charge to provide up to one hour of listening time with five minutes of charging. It also carries a total listening time of up to 31 hours (excluding ANC).


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