Google has chosen ASUS IoT to help scale production, distribution and maintenance Coral edge AI platform.

Coral launched in 2019 to make edge AI more affordable. Google says it has seen strong demand since its launch – in a variety of industries and geographies – and needs a trusted partner to help it grow.

ASUS IoT is a sub-brand of the broader ASUS brand, which has decades of experience in global electronics manufacturing.

The sub-brand was the first partner to launch a Coral SoM (System-on-Module) product with the Tinker Edge T development board. Since then, ASUS IoT has been integrated Coral accelerators in their smart peripherals and was the first to launch a multi Edge TPU drive with PCIe card with AI accelerator.

IN blog postGoogle wrote:

“We continue to be impressed by the innovative ways in which our customers use Coral to explore new AI-driven solutions.

And now that ASUS IoT offers extended sales, support, and long-term availability, our Coral team will continue to focus on building the next generation of privacy and edge neural computing features and tools.

Google will remain in control of the Coral brand and product portfolio, but ASUS IoT will become the main channel for sales, distribution and support.

ASUS IoT will work to make Coral available in more countries as Google focuses its efforts on “building the next generation of features and tools to keep the neural computing edge confidential.”

(Image credit: Google)

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Google picks ASUS IoT to help scale its Coral edge AI platform

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