Since January 2020, the parent company, Google Alphabet, has spent nearly $ 100 million to expand its commercial real estate portfolio in the United States, including a $ 28.5 million office it bought in Sunnyvale, California. in the midst of a pandemic.

Recently, Alphabet announced will spend $ 1 billion in January on a campus-like office in London.

“We will introduce new types of collaboration spaces for personal teamwork, as well as create more space to improve well-being,” said Ronan Harris, Managing Director of Google UK. wrote in a blog post. “We will present team modules that are flexible new types of space that can be reconfigured in a variety of ways, maintaining focused work, collaboration, or both, based on team needs. The new renovation will also include outdoor covered workspaces to work in the fresh air.

The goal, Harris said, is to offer employees a flexible space with facilities to lure them back to the office, while acknowledging that many still want to work from home “a few days a week.”

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Google plans to offer a quiet area in its UK office for individual focused work – and an interactive art installation to keep employees healthy.

The trend to expand the office goes beyond Google. In 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, US organizations bought 60,346 commercial properties, according to Altus Group, a commercial real estate company. That figure dropped to 57,174 in 2020, but recovered to 78,354 properties last year.

And in the first quarter of 2022, organizations have already purchased 22,423 retail outlets. If this trend continues, the number of office buildings purchased this year will exceed those that were accumulated in 2021.

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