Google Pixel tablet spotted on its way to India with specs

The mystery surrounding the upcoming Google Pixel tablet is likely to remain for some time. Leaks and early bits of information are sure to arrive, but Google has been tight-lipped about the device since they revealed its existence at Google I/O and that they hope to launch it in 2023. Still, we’ll take any little information surrounding this new tablet A Pixel we can take.

Today, people from 91 Mobile phones are reporting that Google has shipped the new Pixel tablet to India in what could be the final-work form. Developer Kuba Wojciechowski passed on the information saying that the device is actually entering the EVT (Engineering Validation Test) phase of its development cycle and caught the Indian shipments that may have revealed some specifications.

The information posted in this report certainly appears to be import shipping information that has been gathered to understand the specifications. Import information suggests a 10.95″ (11″) display, 128GB and 256GB storage options, WiFI 6 support and a stylus. I’m not sure they tell us the true story of the Pixel tablet, but they help fill in some pieces.

The related import info also mentions the code names of “tangor” and “T6” that we captured above. This reference number G950-08221-01 is one you might want to follow if tracking Google’s progress on the Pixel tablet as it moves around the world is something you enjoy.

As long as this tablet is the exact opposite of the Pixel C and Pixel Slate, we should be fine.

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