Today, Google unveiled a number of updates to its Workspace performance apps aimed at making it easier for remote teams to work. Among the features announced on Company I / O event text summaries of chat conversations are automatically generated to help team members stay on the same page.

The summary feature was introduced in February in the Google Docs word processing tool, where it is used to generate an overview of text in a document. The company today expanded the summaries to Workspace Spaces, which allow chats and file sharing for a specific purpose, such as a specific team or project.

Summaries in Spaces selects and highlights the most important information from the chat and allows users to quickly jump to the right place in the chat history.

Google Workspace Summaries Google

Google has extended the summaries to Workspace Spaces.

“You’ll be able to see a useful collection of the most relevant information, solutions and actions from space without having to read every missed message,” said Drew Rooney, product leader for Gmail and Google Chat, before the announcement. “You can click to go directly to the part of the conversation that is most important to you, so you can easily delve into the details, stay up to date and catch up quickly.”

The feature is set to launch in the coming months for English-language Workspace customers using Business, Enterprise, Education, Essentials and Frontline.

Google also plans to introduce automated transcriptions of Meet calls to allow team members to make up for missed meetings. This feature should be released later this year, Google said. The summary function in Docs and Spaces will also be attached to the text of the transcription, although this will not arrive until 2023.

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