You can forget to play The Knights of Gotham on previous generation consoles. Together with 13 min demo of the game (below), WB Games Montreal has revealed that its open world game, next to Batman, will no longer be released for PS4 or Xbox One. You’ll need a PS5 or Xbox Series X / S to save Gotham City from your living room. The studio said it was cutting back on older machines to offer “the best possible gaming experience”, although we wouldn’t be surprised if that helped WB make the game’s release date October 25th.

WB revealed The Knights of Gotham in the summer of 2020, but postponed the game to 2022 less than a year later. The company stopped launching in October this March.

Meanwhile, the gameplay demo offers a good look at the variety you can expect. Each of the four superheroes plays very differently. You can choose Nightwing for an acrobatic, melee-focused battle, while the Red Hood thrives on its (non-lethal) weapons. Crime detection can count on everything from fights to motorcycle chases and augmented reality intelligence. Developing and improving skills will be useful, as in so many recent titles. In many ways, this is DC Comics / WB’s response to Insomniac’s Spider-Man games – an attempt to combine free roaming with meaningful storytelling.

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