On the same day that Russia celebrated its role in defeating Nazi Germany, many of the country’s online platforms were depersonalized in protest of the war in Ukraine. reported on Monday that Russians with smart TVs have seen channel lists replaced by a message involving them in the ongoing conflict. “The blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of children killed is on your hands,” the statement said. “Television and the authorities are lying. Not the war. “

In addition to smart TVs, the obvious hack is aimed at some of the largest Internet companies in the country, including Yandex. The hackers also chased Rutube, the Russian alternative to YouTube. “Our video hosting has suffered a powerful cyber attack. At the moment, access to the platform is not possible, “said a statement from the service, published in its Telegram channel. Rutube later said it had isolated the attack and that its content library was not available at the time of the incident.

Since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the country has come under successive hacker attacks. In the early days of the conflict, Anonymous was responsible for a series of DDoS attacks that left several official government websites, including one owned by the Ministry of Defense, inaccessible. Anonymous is also believed to be responsible for an incident in which several Russian state television channels played the Ukrainian national anthem. At the same time, Ukraine, with the help of Microsoft and other Western companies, recently managed to force Russian military hackers to disrupt the work of one of the country’s energy suppliers.

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