Sales for March 2022 were $ 50.6 billion – 1.1% more than in February.

“Global semiconductor sales remained strong in the first quarter of 2022, increasing in all major regional markets and product categories compared to the first quarter of last year,” said SIA CEO John Neufer, “for March sales in North and South America continued to grow water in all regional markets, increasing by 40.1% year on year.

In addition to the annual increase in sales in North and South America, sales have increased compared to March 2021 in Europe (25.7%), Japan (20.4%), Asia-Pacific / All others (17 , 9%) and China (17.3%)). Monthly sales increased in the Asia-Pacific region / All Others (2.9%), Europe (2.6%), Japan (1.4%) and China (1.0%), but fell slightly in North and South America (-1.5%).

Q1 semi sales up 23%

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