Let’s face it, moving to a new job – both from your new employer’s point of view and your own – is not the most hassle-free experience. From inventing basic things like finding a house (with a great location), logistics, etc., this is something that most people are afraid of and find a big negative for an otherwise happy occasion for a new job.

There were start-ups that tried to understand this huge problem, but did not have much success. HappyLocate, another participant in the space, sees itself as a viable alternative and has already raised $ 1.1 million in a round before Serie A. Led by Inflection Point Ventures, M Ventures, RMZ Management also participated in the round. The funds raised will be used to improve operational performance and corporate reach.

Through its online platform, HappyLocate aims to provide seamless relocations with 98% fewer delays, no false claims, transparent pricing and insurance solutions integrated into an easy-to-use platform. Your platform covers all fronts with a range of value-added services, such as flight reservations, accommodation assistance and other accommodation services. To standardize the user experience, HappyLocate has launched its own line of packaging materials, along with providing training and support to its registered packaging partners and carriers.

Ajay Tiwari, co-founder and CEO of HappyLocate, says: “HappyLocate is on a mission to transform global mobility with technology and empathy. We are a customer-obsessed team and focus on significantly improving the relocation experience in India through our value system: reliability, transparency and convenience.

Tiwari founded the company in 2016. And while there was an obvious lull in business during the COVID blockade, HappyLocate has seen strong business growth over the past year or more as companies now fight for talent with incredible benefits and call employees back to offices . The platform has over 50 corporate clients, including Fortune 500 companies. HappyLocate claims 30% quarterly growth and manages over 1000+ relocations each month.

Globally, relocations have actually become a real business opportunity now. India alone has a relocation market of nearly $ 21 billion, thanks to rapid migration back to major corporate cities.


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