Ever since Huawei released HarmonyOS, there have been many conversations and arguments from Huawei fans, reviewers and analysts. Many call it a fork of Android, while others claim that its interface looks similar to that of iOS.

Huawei has finally come out to clear things up for everyone. The Chinese tech company listed the main difference between its HarmonyOS mobile operating system and that of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

An image posted on Weibo by a tipster clearly shows the difference between these three mobile operating systems. The social media post clarifies that the image was taken at one of Huawei’s experience stores. Huawei did this to show users the main difference and avoid confusion between them HarmonyOSAndroid and iOS.

Difference between HarmonyOS, Android and iOS

iOS HarmonyOS Android iOS

Apple’s iOS is a closed-source operating system designed for the iPhone. It mainly focuses on a high level of security, especially when downloading from the App Store. It has a beautiful interface and works smoothly. One of the best things about iOS is its ecosystem. iOS has one of the best ecosystems, if not the best.

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You cannot change the system settings to suit the user. It also comes with average system compatibility.

Android HarmonyOS Android iOS

The Android operating system is designed based on the Linux Macro kernel. As the most popular mobile operating system in the world, it is installed on a wide range of devices around the world. The Android ecosystem is rich, customizable and well compatible.


As an open source operating system, it mostly comes with common security issues. There is also a problem with the uncontrollable quality of the software application.

HarmonyOS HarmonyOS Android iOS

Huawei’s HarmonyOS comes with modular features with a microkernel driver that makes disassembly possible. This enables devices with low hardware specifications to run the operating system. This means that devices such as headphones and smartwatches can work seamlessly with HarmonyOS. The best part about it is the ability to connect to other HarmonyOS devices with just one tap.


This is a very new system compared to the other two. This makes it have several developers and system users.

That explains everything Huawei listed on the in-store poster. Some people may agree with this, but most may not, as it just seems like an advertising poster.

Source / Via: Huawei Central

HarmonyOS Vs Android Vs iOS, Huawei Explains the Main Difference

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