It appears that OnePlus has made the decision to withdraw from the smart TV market in India, as indicated by recent developments observed this week. The absence of any new smart TV launches in the country, coupled with the company’s focus on expanding its smartphone portfolio and venturing into new segments such as tablets and foldables, suggests a shift in priorities. Adding to this indication, OnePlus has completely removed its TV product lineup from its official website.

As of the time of writing, OnePlus does not have any of its TV models listed on its website, effectively signaling the end of the lineup in India.

There were early signs of OnePlus reevaluating its product lineup in India, with reports emerging in October last year suggesting that both OnePlus and Realme were considering exiting the smart TV market. These reports, citing insider sources, indicated plans to withdraw from the TV category, including production activities.

Such a significant decision is unlikely to have been made hastily. It is probable that OnePlus, especially since its integration with Oppo, has been streamlining its operations to focus on high-volume and popular products. While OnePlus TVs did find some success in the Indian market, the brand may have recognized the disparity between selling smartphones and televisions.

Unlike smartphones, which consumers tend to upgrade every 2-3 years, a TV is often considered a long-term investment, lasting 10 years or more. OnePlus’ departure from the TV segment leaves Xiaomi in a dominant position in the market, with Samsung and other brands such as Vu and TCL vying for market share.

However, OnePlus must ensure that existing OnePlus TV customers are not left without support. Providing adequate after-sales support, including offering spare parts for their TV models, will be essential. OnePlus initially entered the smart TV market in India with the TV Q1 series in 2019.