Voice and audio analysis expert HEAD acoustics has decided in favor of the 5G test solution from Rohde & Schwarz to verify voice and audio services on 5G mobile devices. The upgraded R&S CMX500 5G Signaling Tester in a single box features a significantly reduced footprint and easier handling, combined with debugging and analysis capabilities that support end-user testing of voice services.

The R&S®CMX500 offers a comprehensive set of audio testing tools. When combined with the labCORE hardware platform from HEAD acoustics and their ACQUA measurement and analysis software, the complete setup enables audio acoustic testing of voice services in both 5G (VoNR) and 4G (VoLTE) networks. This allows manufacturers of 5G-enabled devices to test the voice quality of their devices at an early stage before they are released to the market.

Rohde & Schwarz has addressed the needs of audio test labs with its flagship solution that allows 5G NR devices to be tested in both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) TDD and FDD modes. The R&S CMX500 supports 5G FR1 frequency range up to 8 GHz and FR2 mmWave frequency range up to 50 GHz in one instrument and provides the necessary functions and codecs for VoLTE and VoNR calls. With new features such as Connection Selection, configuring and adapting the DUT to the test setup is easier than ever, thanks to the very easy handling and visualization of the connection of the DUT antenna to the RF connectors of the R&S CMX500.

Another important feature is the Bearer and Flow Monitor, which allows the user to view various Quality of Service (QoS) streams such as live video or audio over the connection. For example, all audio properties are visualized, including bitrate and codec in the stream stream. The HEAD acoustics labCORE system is connected via Ethernet using the integrated IP forward mode of the internal R&S CMX500 IMS server, specially developed in collaboration for this use case. This allows users to forward voice data from an established call to the labCORE system for detailed voice quality analysis. However, an analog connection to the labCore system is also supported, in case the labCore system is not equipped with an IP interface.

Christian Schuring, Head of Sales Telecommunications at HEAD acoustics GmbH, states: “With its significantly reduced single-box footprint, the R&S CMX500 is a compact test and measurement solution with dramatically simplified wiring and operation. The user-friendly operation, combined with a wide range of visualization graphics, definitely convinced us, and we are happy to continue our international cooperation, which was more than fruitful last year.”

Christoph Poyntner, Senior Vice President Mobile Radio Testers at Rohde & Schwarz, adds: “We are delighted that trusted and market leading T&M partner HEAD acoustics has chosen our flagship R&S CMX500 radio communication tester as part of their test equipment. This will allow providers to rapidly develop and deliver 5G voice services. Reliable and timely testing will accelerate the deployment of VoNR products and help ensure they work in line with the expected user experience.”

For more information on the R&S CMX500 5G signal tester in one box from Rohde & Schwarz, visit: R&S®CMX500

HEAD acoustics relies on R&S CMX500 to accelerate testing of 5G NR voice service (VoNR)

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