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ATLANTIC.NET wins the Fortress 2022 cybersecurity award
Business Intelligence Group assigned Atlantic.Net (COM)@atlanticnet) with the Fortress Cyber ​​Security Award for 2022 in the compliance category for offering a HIPAA compliant hosting product.

Health Catalyst celebrates the honor of the best and brightest companies
National Business Resources Association has called Health catalyst (@HealthCatalyst) one of the best and brightest companies to work in the nation. The award is given to companies that have demonstrated exceptional and innovative practices in the field of human resources and have set high standards for their business practices.

Sphere’s Health iPASS has partnered with Altus Neighbors emergency clinics
Health iPASS, sphere (@SphereCommerce) a company that provides a software platform for payment, admission and registration of patients, announcements its strategic partnership with Altus Neighbors Emergency Centers (NEC), a group of hospital-related emergency centers serving the Houston, Texas area.

Contract notices

Medi-Cal at-risk members gain access to vaccinations through Health Net’s unique care collaboration
Health Network (@healthnet), one of Medi-Cal’s longest-running and most experienced partners in California, offers vaccinations against COVID-19 at home of the most vulnerable members and their families. This approach is crucial because research shows that home doctor’s appointments are an effective way to remove barriers to COVID-19 vaccination among those enrolled in Medicaid. This is just one of Health Net’s recent efforts to care for people outside the provider’s office.

ZeOmega announces an agreement with HealPros to optimize the home experience for people with chronic diseases
ZeOmega (@zeomega) organization for management of the health of the population, he has partnered with HealPros, a healthcare company that works with some of the nation’s largest health plans to build and deliver programs that change the lives of people with chronic illnesses.

Mergers and acquisitions

MTM, Inc. announces a major acquisition of Veyo
Alaina Macia, President and CEO of MTM, Inc. (@MTMSocial) based in St. Louis, Missouri, has announced the acquisition of Veyo, a non-emergency medical transportation company (NEMT) based in San Diego, California.

CenExel acquires Apex Innovative Sciences
CenExel (@CenExel) announces the acquisition of Apex Innovative Sciences, the parent company of Collaborative Neuroscience Research (CNS) and the Hassman Research Institute (HRI), which will be renamed CenExel CNS and CenExel HRI, respectively, in the future.

Corporate images

Arrive Health Launches to focus on affordable and affordable healthcare
After several years of significant growth, RxRevu revealed his new brand – Arrive Health (@ArriveHealth) – including a new name, logo and corporate website to accurately reflect the company’s mission to patients, to clear the way for better health.

nThrive is rebranded to FinThrive

Health IT Business News, Financial Edition – June 23, 2022

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