HellermannTyton, one of the leading suppliers of products for securing, fixing, identifying and protecting cables and their connecting components, has increased its FCT range of curved pipes. Its brand new FCT UV is an improved UV resistant conduit used for routing and protecting cables and is designed to withstand high levels of UV exposure.

As the first UV-resistant pipeline to join HellermannTyton’s FCT range, it is ideal for the renewables market. From solar installations to photovoltaic power plants, FCT UV is suitable for any outdoor application where additional UV resistance is required. Manufactured from UV stabilized PA6 nylon in black, FCT UV is designed with the highest UV resistance capabilities and a minimum of 25 years of UV protection in Northern Hemisphere conditions.

Available from August in the UK, FCT UV meets all certification testing requirements and is UV stabilized tested to ensure it can withstand the temperature conditions of Northern Europe, where it will be available from September. Such tests show that after prolonged exposure to UV light, the pipe has improved tensile load and elongation break properties compared to a standard black PA6 product.

“We are delighted to expand our FCT range with our first UV resistant pipeline to serve the renewable energy industry. Having previously introduced UV resistant products to several of our other ranges, the addition of FCT UV only demonstrates our commitment to supporting the growing solar and renewable energy markets as more industries turn to green energy. ” said Jody Thomas, product manager for HellermannTyton.

“In many cases, products can be identified as UV resistant based on the materials used, rather than actual testing. At HellermannTyton, our clients don’t just have to take our word for it. All of our UV resistant products are documented with test data to prove that they will remain structurally sound when used in high UV exposure applications.”

Formulated without halogens, FCT UV is lightweight, flexible and designed to protect cables from external exposure and crush damage. With an operating temperature of -40ºC to +125ºC and available in nine sizes from 6.9mm to 26mm, the FCT UV can be custom made to suit any outdoor application, including custom lengths and slotted versions for cables to be retrofitted.

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HellermannTyton Announces the Launch of New UV-Resistant Conduit

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