Henkel has announced the launch of its Santa Clara, Calif., Application center, designed to help develop products for the company’s high-tech Silicon Valley region. Equipped as a state-of-the-art facility, the Application Center will help accelerate initiatives to demonstrate the concept of advances in electronics.

“The current pace of technological progress is unprecedented,” said Stefan de Diego, Henkel’s regional head of electronics, America and Europe. “And for today’s innovators to be first on the market is an integral part of commercial success. With our experienced team and extensive laboratory resources – located at the global epicenter of technological innovation – Henkel can provide even more immediate and impactful support for prototype design and analysis for our customers by helping them meet critical marketing windows with tested, proven devices ”

Jan-Dirk Auris (right), executive vice president, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, oversaw a demonstration of color-matching adhesives by application engineers Efren Jimenez (left) and Burchak Conley.

As a world leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, Henkel has formulated thousands of materials that are vital to the shape, function and reliability of the technologies that feed modern life. Whether it’s 5G portable devices and mobile networks, high-performance computing and optoelectronics in the data center, smart home systems, autonomous driving or virtual reality and gaming, Henkel materials and solutions enable stable electrical connections, heat management for optimized performance , protection from stress and environmental conditions and long-term endurance. Henkel’s Santa Clara Application Center offers a true collaborative development environment with access to all the resources needed to design and test technology.

The $ 2 million investment includes distribution robots, 3D printers, mechanical properties assessment equipment, coating and jet systems and damage analysis capabilities, among other assets. In addition to the practice lab, the facility provides many secure collaboration spaces for Henkel’s technical experts and customers, as well as digital platforms for virtual engagement opportunities.

“Henkel’s material innovations have contributed to the technological growth of this century, delivered through the company’s enduring partnerships with many of the world’s leading high-tech brands,” concludes de Diego. “We not only share our customers’ passion for improving people’s lives through convenience and connectivity, but we also share an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Henkel’s promise to contribute to a more sustainable future is at the heart of everything we do. The work done in our new Application Center will promote these core values ​​while providing an inspiring environment that helps bring ideas to life. “

The Henkel Application Center in Santa Clara is the latest addition to the company’s growing footprint of adhesive engineering and development centers in key regions of the world. To learn more, watch this video and visit www.henkel-adhesives.com.

Henkel Opens New Technical Application Center in Silicon Valley to Foster Next-Generation Electronics Development

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