Heraeus Electronics has announced the launch of its new AMB substrate Condura®.ultra without Ag. Economical, highly reliable, AMB substrate without Ag, which allows the connection of silicon nitride-based ceramics with copper foil, Condura®.ultra has been developed using a special technique that allows high-performance Si3n4 substrates using new Ag active metal (AMB) -based bonding technology.

Heraeus Electronics has announced the launch of its new product at PCIM Europe, the leading conference and exhibition on power electronics, renewable energy and energy management in Nuremberg. In parallel with PCIM Europe, SMTconnect is held in halls 4, 4A and 5.

In an effort to better support its customers, Heraeus Electronics has introduced Condura®.ultra, which is designed to offer exceptional reliability and processing (eg sintering, bonding, soldering). The economical high-performance Yes3n4 AMB substrate without Ag is available with standard and thick Cu layers and thermal conductivity ≥60 W / mK and ≥80 W / mK

With an extensive portfolio of cermet substrates, Heraeus Electronics meets the diverse needs of the power electronics segment, ranging from low-power applications to the most demanding industries. The Condura® portfolio consists of Condura®.classic (DCB-Al2Oh3), Condura®.extra (DCB-ZTA), Condura®.prime (AMB-Si3n4), and the all-new Condura®.ultra (Si3n4 Ag free AMB).

Heraeus Electronics metal-ceramic substrates are recommended for power electronic modules (eg inverters for current drive) using MOSFET or IGBT semiconductor devices and diodes for common applications in the automotive, electric motor, UPS, power supply, industrial automation and industrial applications.

To learn more, visit www.heraeus-electronics.com

Heraeus Electronics Announces Global Launch of Condura.ultra Ag Si3N4 free AMB Substrate at PCIM Europe

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