With the help of gravity lenses, researchers can now detect the size of a black hole with this new technique. As long as the isolated black holes do not produce detectable emissions, their gravity can bend and focus light from background objects. This bending and focusing of light by gravity is known as gravitational lenses.

Useful only when merging

Gravity lens technology is not new to black holes, but it has not yet been used on them. This research technique can only be used during the fusion process, which can determine the size of supermassive black holes, as well as be used to study alternative theories of gravity.

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A new way to look at an empty hole

Three years ago, astronomers using the Event Horizon Telescope created the first image of the shadow of a black hole, showing a ring of energy particles surrounding an empty hole. Then the photo has been updated many times. Now astronomers have found a new and easy way to see this empty black hole.

How big is the size of a black hole

The proposed imaging technique will help researchers find a black hole smaller than M87, which is 6.5 billion times more massive than the Sun. This technique can also be used to study the black holes of distant galaxies. The M87 black hole itself is 55 million light-years away and relatively close to the Milky Way.

Two key terms

There are two conditions for this new technology. For this, the black hole needs to be from pairs whose orbits are around and go through a merger process. In addition, we must have a point, as seen from the side of a double pair of black holes.

In such a situation, the glowing ring of the far black hole looks like a bright flash due to the gravitational lens of the nearby black hole.

Decrease brightness

This bright flash also contains hidden hints. This signal is a decrease in brightness according to the size of the shadow of the distant black. Brightness reduction can last from several hours to several days. It depends on both the mass of the black hole and the proximity of their orbits.

The shape and size of this shadow, which is formed from the event horizon of the black hole, can be concluded from the fact that this fall is short-lived.

Old technology

As matter falls inside the black hole, moving very fast, the matter near it begins to glow and begins to release high-energy particles, and near the empty hole of the black hole a ring of bright matter forms and light cannot escape. from a hole. Although it took scientists years to depict the black hole M87, this technique managed to work on the black hole of the Milky Way or the massive and very close pair M87.

But in the new technology it is not necessary to see both black holes. Rather, such signals can be seen in many galaxies. The shadow of a black hole can give information about mysterious things, along with a lot of information at once. In this method, in addition to the size of the black hole, one can also say the shape of space-time and how matter falls into the black hole near the horizon.

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