There is no denying the fact that WhatsApp is one of the most commonly used messaging applications. It is now used not only to send messages or photos, but also to send live locations. While most users love the app, others are still hoping to get a voice recording feature.

Well, the wait is over, as we are here to give you some ways to record your voice conversations.

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Ways to record voice calls in WhatsApp:

  1. The easiest way to record a voice call is to use another phone. All you have to do is put your voice call on the speaker and then record with a separate phone. If the information is confidential and you cannot transfer the call to the speaker, then you can go to another room. You will not need to download a third-party application to record your conversations using this method.

  1. If you are good at downloading a third-party app on your phone, then you can scroll through the set of recording apps available in the Play Store. To choose the right app, you need to choose the app that has good reviews and is useful to you.

You can try the Call Recorder Cube ACR app to record your calls on WhatsApp. It can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store and will help you automatically record your incoming and outgoing calls on WhatsApp. In addition to WhatsApp, you can use this application to record calls in other applications.

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