Matte and glossy finishes will be available at launch

OnePlus loves to tease its fans. And it shows. Amid all the leaks and rumors we’ve been getting, the company has just released official images of the device. Out of all that, the OnePlus 11 is undoubtedly getting all the attention it can get before the end of 2022.

The smartphone will debuts in China on January 4. After the exclusive launch in China, the device will launched globally through an official event in India on February 7, 2023. OnePlus called the event “Cloud 11”, aiming to take its fan from Cloud 9 to Cloud 11.

But you really don’t have to wait that long to see what the colors and finishes of the device will be. The official images released are here to fill you in on that!

OnePlus 11 official images

So, from the official images, the OnePlus 11 will launch with two color options. They are black and shade of green. And when it comes to treatment, the green will have a glossy finish, while the black will boast a matte finish. At least that’s what we can interpret from the pictures.

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OnePlus 11 Black

Every corner of the phone stands out on the round camera pad on the back. And OnePlus doesn’t hold back from showing off its own Hasselblad camera setting.

Also, from the images, it looks like you can hold the phone without blocking the OnePlus 11’s camera lenses. And that’s a good thing! This will minimize the hassle of cleaning the lenses before taking a photo with the rear sensors.

OP 11 Green

That said, the design of the camera module is quite different from what we’ve seen on the OnePlus 10T and OnePlus 10 Pro. And when it comes to materials, we don’t expect the OnePlus 11 to deviate that far from those two devices.

However, things will surely become more apparent when the devices are officially launched in China. And we’ll definitely let you know when we get more information about the device.

Here’s Your First Official Look at the OnePlus 11

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