With the development of power electronics, the requirements for sensitive resistors with high current and low resistance continue to increase. Emerging applications, such as hybrid power systems, may require high power, high accuracy, and low thermal resistance. These are a difficult combination for many traditional sensor resistor technologies.
At the Stackpole HCS the series provides high power, precise reading and low thermal resistance. HCS offers powers up to 10W with a rating of 5930 with TCR up to 50 ppm and a raised element to improve the thermal footprint of the device and reduce the temperature of the PCB and the terminal. Resistance values ​​of 0.2 millionths guarantee highly efficient reading in a surface mount package.

The all-metal construction also provides a very high pulse, withstanding, superior to that of film or foil in ceramic sensor resistors.

The price for HCS depends on the size, tolerance and value of the resistance. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchise distribution partners for specific or volume prices.

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High current metal shunt for hybrid power sources

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