Navitas Semiconductor announced NV6169new powerful 650/800 V GaNFast power IC with GaNSense technology for working with higher power applications such as 400-1000 W 4K / 8K TVs and displays, next generation gaming systems, 500 W solar microinverters, 1.2 kW SMPS data center and motor drives up to 4 kW / 5 hp.

GaN is a next-generation energy semiconductor technology that works 20 times faster than traditional silicon. Compared to traditional silicon chargers, gallium nitride chargers can achieve 3 times more power or 3 times faster charging with up to 40% energy savings with only half the size and weight of legacy silicon solutions. GaNFast power supplies with GaNSense technology integrate power, drive and control, with additional autonomous protection and lossless current recognition to provide the simplest, smallest, fastest, and now even higher power.
The 45 mOhms NV6169 features a 36% reduction in RDS (ON) resistance, providing 50% more power than previous projects, in industry standard, low profile, low inductance, 8 x 8 mm PQFN package for high efficiency energy systems with high density.

The NV6169 is the highest-power IC of the most advanced third-generation integrated GaN platform. GaNense power supply circuits with GaNSense technology feature industry-leading GaN features such as lossless current measurement and the world’s fastest short-circuit protection, with a detection-to-protection speed of just 30 ns, 6 times faster from discrete solutions. In motor-driven applications, GaN ICs provide up to 40% energy savings over silicon IGBTs, eliminate 30 external components and increase system efficiency by 8%.

Unlike competing solutions, the NV6169 is rated at 650 V for rated operation plus an 800 V peak rating for stable operation during transient events. As a truly integrated power supply IC, the GaN gate is fully protected and the entire device is rated to the industry’s leading 2 kV electrostatic discharge (ESD) specification.

The NV6169 is available immediately to NDA customers. The time for mass production is currently from 6 to 16 weeks. Simulation models (PSPICE / LTSPICE / SiMetrix), 3D package model (STP) and application note (AN-0016) are available to designers to optimize next-generation systems.

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High-power 650/800 V-rated GaN modules feature low on resistance, high efficiency

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