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October 17, 2022

imBee, a Hong Kong-based chat management platform, announced that it has raised US$5 million in Series A funding led by global venture capital firm DCM.

The company said it will use the funds to advance its platform offerings, penetrate deeper into existing markets and expand its footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.

Through the imBee multi-chat management platform, financial and professional services firms can now collaborate and communicate internally and externally on a single interface.

WhatsApp Business API, WeChat, Facebook Messenger and Instagram can now be integrated into an all-in-one platform that is connected to the company’s internal communication system.

The company’s capabilities also include integrations with Microsoft Teams and its existing proprietary workflow engine with over 360 applications, i.e. Salesforce and Hubspot; to streamline communications.

Ken Chu

Ken Chu

“I am extremely pleased that DCM and other investors have recognized the need to create an integrated chat management platform that brings effective communication to the fore.

We look forward to using this capital to expand product features such as digital know-your-customer (KYC) and identity verification, and bring the imBee experience to companies in the Asia Pacific region.”

said Ken Chu, CEO of imBee.

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Hong Kong’s Chat Management Platform imBee Raises US$5 Million Series A

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