Ukraine’s leading private energy company, DTEK, is desperately calling on the global energy community for help to restore and roll out power to Ukrainian citizens.

DTEK participated in a 60-minute live broadcast in partnership with Enlit Europe, Smart Energy International and Power Engineering International to address this critical need and review the state of Ukraine’s power system during the war.

With more than $100 billion in damage to Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure, significant changes to the energy landscape, and unforeseen management and day-to-day operational challenges, Ukrainian energy companies are facing a new reality.

But even under such conditions, energy systems remain largely operational and synchronization with European power grids has been achieved.

“The courage and unity demonstrated by Ukraine inspires the whole world,” said Oleksiy Povolotskyi, Director of Corporate Governance and Compliance, DTEK.

“Our international partners and friends have come together to support Ukraine and help Ukrainians in these difficult times. But the damage to Ukraine’s critical infrastructure is the worst since World War II. DTEK Group aims to do its best and keep the power sector stable amid the war. Any support from international business is crucial.”

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Ukraine urgently needs a lot of materials and equipment to restore power lines, networks and substations, and a list of this equipment will be shared during the live broadcast.

Ruslan Volynets, Director of Customer Relations/Representative, DTEK Grids and Board of Directors at E.DSO, Vice-Chair of the Energy Community ECDSO-E Coordination Group, added: “In the Ukrainian energy sector, power distribution networks have suffered the most destruction due to to military action.

“At the same time, our distribution infrastructure is critical to the well-being of residential and commercial customers. We have developed a comprehensive network recovery program.

“Our goal is not just to restore aging infrastructure, but to build modern electricity networks that will meet the challenging needs of future society.”

I am registering to join this free show on September 13th at 14:00 GMT.

Contact Mykyta Mozharovskyi, Head of Compliance/Humanitarian Assistance Working Group Expert, DTEK Group, for information on how you can support DTEK.

How can the international energy community help Ukraine?

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