New data from the Stack Overflow developer question and answer center has identified some of the ways in which software developers are beginning to prioritize their mental and physical well-being at work.

Earlier this year, Stack Overflow surveyed 800 software developers to see if they were happy with their work and what they were doing to maintain or improve their well-being, with 88% of respondents wanting to improve their physical health and 83% are interested in improving their mental health.

When asked what they do to improve their health and well-being, drinking more water (57%), healthy eating (56%) and prioritizing exercise (47%) were the first three answers given by respondents. In addition, 25% said they were actively reducing the number of hours they worked.

When asked what activities they do to take a break from work, most developers still extend their screen time, whether it’s surfing social media (37%), watching videos (36%) or playing games (27%). . However, exactly half of the respondents get out of their desks, with 50% of the respondents saying that they walk or do little exercise.

The survey also found that while 75% of respondents said their employers promoted their physical and mental well-being at work, 60% of those workers never took a mental health day.

This supports the findings of Yerbo’s developer welfare specialist Report on the state of combustion in technology for 2022where two out of five technicians have been identified as being at high risk of burnout, with the industry facing a potential crisis if it does not do more to improve employee health.

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