As documented by Rajen Ghosh.

I have been working in the field of technology since the beginning of my career. From the beginning, I’ve been looking for ways to learn and be more valuable to my employers. In pursuit of this goal, I received certificates for maintenance and operation of computer hardware while working with several maintenance and networking companies. I have completed CCNA, MCSE, RHCSA, RHCE and Lean Sigma certifications. I recently completed the ITIL Lifecycle Expert program with Simplilearn.

Prior to that, I worked as a technical support engineer, managing a team of 16 people. My responsibilities include providing day-to-day software support, troubleshooting system performance issues, network administration, and developing and implementing new repair techniques. I decided to continue the ITIL Expert program because working in IT services means that I always have to be up to date and learn new skills in order to progress.

I first heard of Simplilearn from a friend. When I looked at it, I realized that Simplilearn is one of the largest training providers in the world, offering excellent customer service and a high-quality curriculum that covers all aspects of the training I wanted. Their online self-study path works well for me. I completed the course in six months, studying for three hours on weekends and from 30 minutes to one hour on weekdays.

Simplilearn is a place where you can start your training at your own pace and away from the hustle and bustle of your daily work. You can simply access the course syllabus and continue your studies when you have free time.

The course was well structured and easy to understand. As a non-native English speaker, I appreciated the instructor’s neutral accent because it made it easier for me to understand the material. The instructor was great and always provided training in the easiest way possible with lots of examples and diagrams, plus guidance that ultimately contributed to my success. I was able to apply the concepts I learned in my daily work and internal job interviews.

I also liked that the training videos can be downloaded for future viewing. This meant that I could always review a topic when I thought I needed a better understanding of certain concepts. I also appreciated the customer support. Simplilearn’s customer service is very agile and responds quickly to any of your inquiries. They set an example for others.

Service operations helped me improve my analysis skills and taught me the importance of the right balance between a proactive and reactive approach to a situation. In addition, the course gave me an understanding of KPIs. I also learned project management techniques that helped me as a manager, team leader. I already had an overview of the ITIL framework before the program, but the training helped me gain in-depth knowledge. I learned how to do an in-depth analysis of diving and play with data. There are so many things available at ITIL and sometimes, without proper training, we will never be able to use all the tools and resources available.

After completing the program, my team disbanded, but I was detained because I completed the ITIL certification. I moved to the Networking Department and was later promoted to Senior Network Manager.

I now manage a team of over 40 people. My responsibilities include overseeing troubleshooting, archiving the system, archiving, serving as a single point of contact for support clients (North America, EMEA) and stakeholders, and developing the roles and responsibilities of topic experts (SMEs) and members the team to achieve the best results in terms of service delivery.

I think the skills I learned with the content of the Simplilearn course helped me make that transition. I have always wanted to move into a leadership role; the training I received helped me prepare for my current position.

Would I recommend Simplilearn to a friend? Certainly yes. In fact, I’ve already done it and watched a friend excel in his career thanks to the skills learned through Simplilearn.

And I will continue to study. I have plans to start more training with Simplilearn. I am of the opinion that learning should never end and that we should all be lifelong learners. I will continue to add to my skill set as I learn and grow – and move up the career ladder!

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