Production of Apple Vision Pro headphones has reportedly been cut and sales are “way down”. But, but wait: wasn’t Vision Pro meant to change the world of VR/AR, ushering in an era of spatial computing? is the dream over

Huh, no. As Sam Rutherford laid out just before the weekend, while reports and rumors can’t pin down the exact numbers, based on financials from Apple’s latest earnings, Vision Pro sales likely equate to about one percent of the company’s revenue. As if early Vision Pro sales didn’t matter. Remember: the first iPhone wasn’t great either.

— Matt Smith

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Drake deleted X post with his song “Taylor Made Freestyle,” which used an AI-generated recreation of Tupac Shakur’s voice to rock Kendrick Lamar. The takedown came after a lawyer representing the late hip-hop legend’s estate threatened to sue the Canadian rapper for “unauthorized” use of Tupac’s voice. Drake also used Snoop Dogg’s voice, but…he’s still alive.

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Sony Pictures

Aaron Sorkin has announced that he is writing a follow-up script for Social network, again for Facebook / Meta, but with a funny, unfortunate focus on the January 6 uprising attempt. Sorkin is tight-lipped about the actual details of the new script, but largely lays the blame for the attack at Metta’s feet. Sorkin hasn’t announced a studio partnership to make the film, but my big question: Who will play Trump?

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Nikon is perhaps the most famous camera brand in the world, but with the decline of DSLRs, it is struggling. In 2022, it released the Z9, a flagship mirrorless camera that could finally keep up with its competitors, but the $5,500 price tag put it out of reach for most. Now we’re testing the Z8, which has the same sensor and specs for $1,700. The Z8 may also be better than Sony’s A1 for a lot of hybrid shooting, especially video. But don’t ask me: See Steve Dent’s full test photo here.