Google’s popular email client Gmail is used for everything from networking with client accounts to catching up with old friends. If you want to keep your Gmail up to date, you need to know how to add contacts to Gmail. This is managed through the Google Contacts app and we’ll show you exactly what to do.

Note: We’ll go over the steps to work with Gmail contacts directly on your computer, which should work the same whether you’re using Windows, MacOS, or Chrome OS. If you’re using an Android device, Gmail automatically connects to your Android contacts. You can move them from your Android to your iPhone if you want. Or, if needed, you can change or add a contact directly in the Android Contacts app and Gmail will update automatically.

Add a contact via Google Contacts

Want to add detailed contact information to use Gmail? The best way to do this is with Google Contacts, which allows you to fill in as much information as you want.

Stage 1: Open your Gmail with your preferred web browser and sign in if necessary. Look in the upper-right corner of the Gmail window, where you’ll see a Dot grid — this is the menu to access your Google apps. Select it.

Step 2: In Google Apps, search for Contacts app with its fuzzy human-shaped icon. Select it and a new window will open with all your current Google contacts.

Step 3: You can browse and search your contacts here, but if you want to start adding a new one right away, look in the top left corner and you can select the button called Create a contact.

how to add contacts gmail google create contact

Step 4: Contacts will now give you two important options. The first is to add one contact with Create a contactand the second is to quickly add a number of contacts with Create multiple contacts. Creating multiple contacts can be useful if you simply copy and paste a list of addresses from an email into the Contacts app. But if you want to go into more detail, you’ll have to choose Create a contactso let’s focus on this option.

Create options in Google Contacts.

Step 5: Creating a contact will open a new field where you can fill in all kinds of information for an individual new contact. At a minimum, you need their first and last name and email address. However, you can also add a photo, phone number, company and title, additional notes about the contact, etc. If you’re filling out a contact for professional reasons, it’s a good idea to be as complete as possible.

When you’re ready, select Save to add the entry to your contacts.

how to add contacts gmail google new contact form

Add a contact directly from email

A short time? Managing the Contacts app might not be what you have in mind. Fortunately, there’s also a way to add a contact directly from an email in Gmail, which is perfect for quick results and quick networking. Let’s look at how to do it.

Stage 1: Sign in to Gmail. Open the email from the new contact you want to add.

Add an email contact in Gmail.

Step 2: At the top of the email, you’ll see the sender’s profile picture, name and email address. Hover your pointer over Name. This will open an additional menu with more detailed information about the sender.

Step 3: In the new window, look in the upper right corner to see a person icon and a plus sign. Select it and it will automatically add the sender’s information to your contacts. You can visit Contacts later to add more information about them if you prefer.

Import a Gmail contact list

If you’re switching to Gmail from another email app (or adding the platform to your list) and want to import your current Gmail contact list, here’s what to do:

Stage 1: Open your current contact list and search Exporting option. All platforms designed to store contacts should have a way to export. This will download a file of your contacts that you can transfer or use, which should be in CSV or vCard format. Export to the computer you are using to have easy access to this file.

Option to import contacts to Google account.

Step 2: Open Gmail and navigate to the grid again Applications icon in the upper right corner. Choose Contacts in the drop-down menu to open a new window.

Step 3: Look at the menu on the left in Contactsand select the option to Importing.

Step 4: Now choose Choose a fileand look in your recent downloads to find a CSV or vCard export. It must be one of these formats to work correctly. Select it and then select Importing to complete the full import. Your Gmail contacts should now be populated with your previous contact list.

If Gmail’s new look has disappointed you, take a look our quick guide on how to bring back the UI for a more classic look.

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