The chatbot market was close to USD 600 million in 2021 and is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. Although it is very easy to create a bot, not many businesses have managed to create the best user experience, making what should be a tool that makes life easier, less burdensome.

As a result of the need for chatbots and the number of challenges that can arise in creating one, here are a few points to keep in mind when developing a chatbot.

Choose your use case

Bots it can be used across industries to provide assistance with scheduling, reminders, training, displaying images, tracking, calling, customer support and accepting payments to name a few. These industries include finance, healthcare, education, sales and marketing, retail and hospitality. Bot Libre supports a number of customers especially in retail, customer service, education and healthcare.

Choose your language

The programming language you use to create your bot is just as important as the human language it can understand. Bot Libre developed the OMNI deep learning model for metaverse-ready chatbots, combining vision deep learning models with NLP deep learning models to provide multi-sense, integrated learning, awareness and navigation, not just for the internet as it is today, but also for what it will be tomorrow, through the Metaverse.

Choose your platforms

To decide the best place to distribute your bots, you need to be clear about who and where your customers are. Bot Libre allows users to deploy their chatbots in Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Telegram, email, mobile apps, video conferencing, skype, Microsoft bot framework and websites. Once deployed, Bot Libre bots can send and reply to messages and even post.

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Outline the bot’s capabilities

Every user of your bot will not have the same needs or intentions. That’s why it’s important to offer a clear guide to all your bot options so that users can be assisted as quickly as possible, ensuring a positive chatbot experience. For example, the Libre Bank Bot can help your customers with banking inquiries such as account types, account opening, bank balances, statements and other issues that may arise.

Finally.. Think nuances, not hassles

You will likely build your bot with general answers to common questions that are asked in your particular bot niche. However, humans are not always predictable and therefore may come up with additional questions or give ambiguous answers that the chatbot was not prepared for. This leaves the chatbot confused and many times the customer frustrated. Bot Libre offers a solution to this by providing a platform for train your bot using a conversation stream to set answers, keywords, and topics.

As stated by contributors in a recent Forbes article, “Wherever you are in your journey as a business owner, using chatbots can help you improve customer engagement, expand your customer base, qualify leads at the outset and easily expand to global markets. With so many benefits, it makes sense to start using chatbots to grow your business now.”

If you want to build a chatbot for your company, you can check out Bot Libre’s open source platform, which allows you to build a unique company bot without programming and access to hundreds of pre-made bots, with diverse goals, personalities and a multilingual platform that supports everyone language.

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