Pop Test: What is the most important piece of technology in your home that helps you get online? If you know the router, you’re entitled to the money – and if your router isn’t fast or powerful enough, you may not get the coverage you need in every room.

Fortunately, today’s networking technologies are much better than you could have bought a decade ago. From Wi-Fi 6 routers to networked networks, there are many ways to set up your Wi-Fi without dead zones. Tap or click here to find the perfect location for your router to get the best speeds.

The problem is that if you are looking for a new router, it may seem that there are almost too many options to choose from. That’s why IT geniuses from Komando.com have put together a test that will help you find the perfect router based on exactly what You must.

Here’s what to consider

There are a few things to keep in mind before choosing a new router. First, you will need to determine how many devices you plan to connect to the network in your home. The weaker router will not be able to support so many devices at once, which can affect the speed of the Internet.

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Second, you will need to consider the size of your home when choosing based on signal strength. You may notice dead zones where Wi-Fi is lacking if you live in a large house.

In addition, slower Internet speeds may be observed in areas away from the router. A router with a stronger antenna can penetrate walls and reach more parts of your home.

Lastly, and most importantly, you will want to make sure that the router you choose has secure encryption that can block intruders. WPA3 is the latest encryption standard available – and the most secure.

Just because you know what you need doesn’t mean it’s easy to sort out all the options. Here comes our test.

Find the right router for your home in just a minute

You can spend hours searching, reading and researching. Or you can leave your friends from Komando.com to help.

Our quiz only takes about a minute to complete. You will answer questions such as how much you are willing to spend, how big your home is and how many devices you have.

Answer each question based on what you are looking for and you will receive our suggestion of the best option for you based on manually selected options. Every question you answer narrows the results.

Take this 1-minute test to find a router now

Instead of wasting hours of thorough research, find the best match in less than a minute. We will break the jargon and give it to you straight. It is so easy! Start now to find the right router to keep your connection strong and secure.

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Quiz: How to find the best router for your home

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