As the prices of everything go up, it’s amazing to hear that some things stay free. Fortunately, Free comics day still held annually on the first Saturday in May.

This Saturday, May 7, is the 20th annual Free Comics Day. Participating stores distribute a total of 46 special comics and manga from both major publishers and indie companies.

The event always attracts crowds, so you can expect special events, sales, comic book cosplay and more.

Here’s everything you need to know about Free Comics Day 2022.

For more good comics, take a look Dr. Strange in the multiverse of madness scenes after the credits and the best comics to read if you’re tired of superheroes.

How does Free Comics Day work?

Don’t take the name too literally: you can’t just take what you want off the shelves. Participating publishers print special editions for the FCBD.

Some are reprints to introduce newcomers to classic comics, while others are previews of upcoming comics or entirely new titles that irritate major crossover events.

The color code for the Free Comics Day 2022

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Comics are usually labeled to indicate who they are suitable for: a green label appears on comics for all ages, a blue label means it is suitable for teenagers, and a red banner for adults means it is aimed at readers 18 and older.

Demand is always high, so getting to your local comic book store early is never a bad idea.

In addition, FCBD editions are usually labeled with either “Silver Comics” or “Golden Comics”, the latter being applied to more popular titles by larger publishers such as Marvel and DC.

A store can limit how many gold comics you can catch or have any other policy.

Where can I get free comics from Comics Day?

Almost every comic book store will have some FCBD editions, although not every comic book store may have one. So you may want to hit more than one to get what you want.

Find comic book stores near you with Diamond Comic Distributors’ store locator.

The Dark Crisis №0 of DC Comics

When the Justice League is defeated, a new generation of heroes rises to Dark Crisis # 0.

DC comics

What does DC Comics give away on Free Comics Day?

Dark crisis №0
DC is promoting its big summer event, Dark crisis, with this review by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jim Chung. The Justice League has been defeated by a legion of DC’s most dangerous villains, and a new generation of superheroes must now rise to save the multiverse.

Galaxy: The most beautiful star
This special edition of the FCBD by writer Jazzia Axelrod and artist Jess Taylor includes an excerpt from DC’s upcoming graphic novel about an alien princess hiding as a boy on Earth. But when Taylor Barzeley meets Kat Silverberg, she decides she no longer wants to hide her identity.

DC League of Super-Pets: The Great Mxy-Up
Get a preview of this middle-class graphic novel before it is released on May 17: When Mr. Mxyzptlk, a naughty fifth-dimensional rabble, arrives to wreak havoc on Metropolis, he depends on Crypto, Turtle Merton and the other super- Pets to save the day.

Reprint of Marvel Voices

Marvel Voices celebrates heroes and creators from different communities.

Marvel Comics

What does Marvel give to the FCBD?

Voices of Marvel №1
Launched in 2020, the Marvel Voices line celebrates superheroes from marginalized communities. This special edition of the FCBD reprints seven stories from the footprint, focusing on blacks, Latinos, LGBTQs and local heroes and creators.

The Amazing Spider-Man / Venom
As Spidey celebrates his 60th birthday, the wall-crawling hero and his evil star enemies in this special version irritate the upcoming storylines and characters from the Amazing Spider-Man and Venom comics.

The Avengers / X-Men №1
Screenwriters Kieran Gillan and Gary Dugan and artist Dustin Weaver set the stage for Marvel’s upcoming Doomsday Crossover, when the status quo between Earth’s most powerful heroes and its mutant champions shakes to its foundations. And how do the immortal Eternals participate?

Other editions of the Day of Free Comics

FCBD is a great opportunity if you are new to comics or are hesitant to spend your hard-earned money on an unfamiliar title.

There are suggestions for young people – as a reprint of Jonah and the impossible monsters or completely new The best comic for Archie! – and more mature food like Blood transported and The Myths of the Bone Orchard: Prelude.

Additionally, pop culture addicts can revisit their favorite characters with comic versions of Doctor who, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pokemon, Avatar The Last Airbender, Strange things and even The three puppets.

See all 46 editions of Free website for Comics Day.

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