GitHub is the largest and most modern software development platform in the world. More than 73 million developers write code and manage projects on GitHub. When you connect GitHub to Slack, you get the best performance pair. GitHub Slack integration allows you and your team to set up notifications of what’s happening on GitHub – straight from Slack. You get full visibility of GitHub projects, where you can generate ideas, prioritize issues and collaborate to keep up with the project. Here are some popular ways to integrate GitHub Slack with open source.

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What is GitHub Slack?

GitHub is a web-based interface that allows multiple users to share code and collaborate on private and open source software at the same time. This is the perfect place for teams to work together from anywhere to build and edit the content of their site. You can use GitHub to host code for your projects and carefully control how others collaborate on your projects.

Slack is a platform that allows team communication – offering instant messaging and document sharing from anywhere. A great way to coordinate, Slack can be automated to get all the business information in real time.

With the integration of GitHub for Slack, you can receive previews of links to public warehouses, run slashed commands, and stay up to date on project activity all the time. This open source integration project is built and maintained by GitHub. The integration gives you and your teams absolute visibility of your GitHub projects on Slack channels, making it easier to build ideas, sort problems, and collaborate with other teams to stay on top of your work.

How do I integrate Github into Slack?

GitHub Slack integration allows you to do more than just connect 2 apps. In GitHub you can automate your operations from start to finish and increase the efficiency of your internal processes. In Slack you can send instant messages to users or channels.

Here’s how you can integrate Github into Slack:

Step 1: Verify GitHub and Slack

Step 2: Select one of the applications as the trigger that will start the automation.

Step 3: Select a received action to be performed from the 2nd application.

Step 4: Select the data you want to transfer from one application to another.

Step 5: Voila! Your integration with GitHub + Slack is complete. Click Save Integration.

With GitHub Slack integration, you can get these updates on your Slack channel:

  • Problems
  • Download requests
  • Engaging
  • Implementation statuses

Some popular GitHub Slack integrations are:

  • Send a direct message to Slack about a new problem on GitHub
  • Send a direct Slack message to a new GitHub committee
  • Send a Slack channel message for a new problem on GitHub
  • Send a Slack channel message to a new GitHub committee
  • Send a direct Slack message about a problem identified in GitHub
  • Send a direct Slack message to a new GitHub contributor
  • Send a direct message to Slack when a new mention is made on GitHub
  • Set the state in Slack in case of a new problem in GitHub

You can also create your own integration the way you want.

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How to install GitHub for Slack?

Install the GitHub for Slack application by following these steps:

  1. Visit and click Add to Slack.
  2. Log in to your workspace with your Slack URL
  3. View the permissions required by the access application. Click ‘Continue’ to enable permission.
  4. Select the channels that the application has access to – all public channels, specific channels or none.
  5. After installing the application, the GitHub application will send you a direct message to guide you on how to complete the setup. You will receive instructions on how to use the GitHub slash command (/ github).

How to customize notifications

With the GitHub app it becomes easy to customize your notifications, that is, you can choose which activity to publish in Slack. Subscribe to an activity that is important for viewing the entire channel, and unsubscribe from activities that are less relevant.

Notification customization command:

/ github subscribe owner / repo [feature]

/ github unsubscribe owner / repo [feature]

There are certain activities that receive notifications by default, while some others do not.

Some features that receive notifications by default:

  • problems
  • pulls
  • deployments
  • status
  • engages
  • publicly

Features that do not receive default notifications:

  • reviews
  • comments
  • branches
  • engages – all

What’s new in the integration of GitHub and Slack?

The integration of GitHub and Slack has developed several new features to help you stay on top of your projects. The app now supports the Deployment API, Validation APIs, and draft download requests, which can further increase your Slack performance.

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Creating deployments

The GitHub Slack app lets you run your repository using commands to open, close, and reopen requests or download issues. New features in GitHub Slack allow users to use the Deployment API to enable and create deployments in repositories while remaining in your Slack channel.

In addition to the updates you receive on your Slack channels for GitHub events, you can now receive status checks for download requests and notifications of new draft download requests – all while you’re on the Slack channel.

Commands to:

List deployments in storage – / github deploy [owner]/[repo] list

Create deployment – / github deployment [owner]/[repo]

A dialog box will open for the ‘create deployment’ command, prompting you to select the branch or tag to be deployed and in which environment. You can also specify a task and payload.

The new slash commands can be used by a GitHub organization owner or repository administrator after accepting updated permissions in the GitHub Slack application. You can see the request in the Applications section under settings or via email notifications sent to the respective users.

View download request checks

Status updates are currently reported for open download requests. New features in GitHub Slack extend support to validation. All download requests that you open in the last half hour will push updates of attachments to Slash messages from integrations that use the validation API.

Receive notifications of new draft download requests

The GitHub and Slack app supports draft download requests. Each time a repository you have subscribed to contains a new draft download request, you will receive a notification in Slack. The message is displayed with a gray bar to indicate the status of the draft. You will also receive a notification when the download request is ready for review, so you know that the task is no longer in progress.

Open source, open platform

GitHub Slack integration is open source and has been developed with the same public APIs used to build applications in the GitHub and Slack ecosystems. This open source platform allows users to submit feature requests, add code or bug reports, and collaborate on private and open source software.

Integration is what catapults GitHub and Slack into a solution to centralize all your notifications in one search place, where your team can collaborate and take action on each one.

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