Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool that provides the user with many interactive options. One such feature is the check boxes in Excel. The check box is an interactive tool that allows users to select or deselect an option.

How to get the section for programmers in the Excel bar?

The first step in checking the box is to turn on the Excel taskbar tab hidden by default. To add the Developer tab to the Excel bar, do the following:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the ribbon and select Customize the ribbon.
  2. Under Customize the ribbon, select the Developer check box, and then click OK.

How to insert a check box in Excel

If you are creating an Excel checklist, the first step will be to make a list of tasks or other items for which check boxes will be inserted.

For this example, we created the following list of groceries.


To check the box in Excelfollow these steps:

  • Go to the Developer tab —> Controls —> Insert —> Form controls —> Check box.


  • Click the cell where you want to insert the first check box (F4 in our example).
  • Check the box by dragging it. To remove the Bookmark 1 text, right-click the check box, select Edit Text from the context menu, and then delete the text.

Your first checkbox is ready.


Copy the checkbox to other cells

Drag the cells from the check boxes to all the cells below to copy them.


To capture the status (checked or unchecked) of a check box, you must connect the check box to a specific cell. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the check box and select Format Control.
  2. In the Form Management dialog box, make the following changes and click OK.
  • Value: Checked. This ensures that the check box is selected by default when you open the workbook.
  • Cell connection: $ H $ 4. This is the cell associated with the check box. You can also enter it manually or select the cell to get the link.


Your check box is now linked to the cell. In the associated cells, TRUE appears for selected check boxes and FALSE for cleared check boxes.


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Create an interactive to-do list in Excel

Below is an example of a to-do list that uses check boxes to mark a completed task.

Several things will happen in the example.

  • As soon as you check the list, the status will change to READY from READY.
  • The value of the cell associated with this check box changes from FALSE to TRUE.
  • It reflects the changes in the Completed task and% of completed task cells.

/ example1

Follow these steps to make this interactive to-do list:

  1. List all activities from G5: G9.
  2. Check the boxes marked H5: H9.
  3. Connect the checkboxes to cell J5: J9. You will need to manually connect each check box one by one.
  4. In cell I5, enter the following formula: = IF (J5, “Done”, “To Be Done”) and drag for all cells below.
  5. In cell H11, enter the following formula: = COUNTA (G5: G9) to count the total number of tasks.
  6. In cell H12, enter the following formula: = COUNTIF ($ J $ 5: $ J $ 9, TRUE).

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The next step

In this article, you learned how to add a check box to your Excel worksheet. You’ve also created an interactive to-do list using check boxes.

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