Managing users may not sound like the most daunting task, but it is still an essential part of the work of a busy system administrator. Creating new users, be it your family, friends or colleagues, involves giving them the right permissions and managing what they can do. All this can be done through the GUI and the terminal and in how we will show how.

(Image Credit: Tom’s Hardware)

All commands in this guide will work on most Linux machines. We used an Ubuntu 20.04 installation, but you can run this tutorial on a Raspberry Pi. Some of these instructions are performed through the terminal. You can open a terminal window on most Linux machines by clicking ctrl, alt and t. When working this way, be extra careful when you have multiple users set up to select and delete the correct user accounts!

Add a new Linux user via the GUI

(Image Credit: Tom’s Hardware)

For most, desktop management is more than enough, and fortunately most Linux distributions have it straight.

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