High speed internet has reached the point where we see it as a given in our daily lives. We use it for work, pleasure, social media, communication and inaction late night surfing, when otherwise we should sleep.

This is not the case for everyone. Reliable, fast internet can be a luxury for people on a budget. Those who qualify can sign up for a free internet service from T-Mobile, AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum or Verizon. Tap or click here to learn more.

As the summer travel season approaches, you may want to take care of some things at home before you leave. You can pause your internet service and save some money if you leave for a while.

Why not just cancel?

If you are going on a long trip or staying in a seasonal destination, it makes sense to stop your internet service at home. Note: You will be charged for withholding the service, but this will be lower than the standard prices.

You may want to cancel the service before you go and reactivate it when you return. That’s why it’s a bad idea:

  • You will often face a cancellation fee to terminate your contract.
  • Canceling your service takes time. You will probably be bombarded with questions about why you are canceling and proposals to keep you. And once you’re done, you’ll need to take the time to return the equipment to your ISP.
  • You will often pay an activation fee to reactivate your previous service or sign up with a new one.
  • Resuming the service takes time. You will need to set up your plan, payment and equipment.

Many ISPs and cable / satellite providers allow you to pause the service for a certain period of time. This involves much less work than canceling a service.

Read about your options from some of the largest ISPs in the country. If you don’t see yours, check out his website or call them.

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Comcast Xfinity

on Xfinity Seasonal convenient plan allows you to put your TV, internet and voice services on hold while you are away. You keep your equipment, phone number and email address on Comcast.net, which you still have access to everywhere.

If you upgrade to seasonal internet access, you’ll still be able to control your smart devices at home while you’re away. There is no reconnection fee and you will not need a service call when you return. You can register by phone, online or by registering with the EcoBill paperless invoicing program.

Xfinity charges $ 8 each to pause your TV, internet or voice services. If you want to keep your internet, it’s $ 29.95 for seasonal internet access. The time during which you can activate the seasonal convenience plan varies from region to region, from three to nine months.

Charter Spectrum

Spectrum customers can use those of the company Seasonal condition option to keep TV, internet and voice services for a monthly fee. You store your phone number, email address, voicemail, Spectrum receiver and other equipment for TV, Internet or voice.

You will still have access to your Spectrum.net account to pay your bill online and check your email, voicemail and account status. But you will not have access to the Internet during your seasonal status. When you return home, your services will resume without the need for a technician’s visit.

You will either need to provide a referral address for invoicing purposes, or register with AutoPay to register for seasonal status. You can set your account to seasonal status once every 12 months. The seasonal condition can vary from two to nine months.


AT&T Vacation retention allows you to pause your internet, phone or U-verse TV service. If you put all three on hold, you’ll still have access to your email IDs to use AT & T’s Wi-Fi network while you’re away. You will save your number and be able to receive calls and access voicemail.

Call AT&T on 800-288-2020 to stop or stop your U-verse TV, internet or telephone service. Call the same number when you want to activate again. AT&T charges $ 7 per month for each service you put on hold. You can use Vacation Hold twice a year for two to nine months.

One warning

If you have a home security camera or other connected surveillance devices at home, make sure you still have access to them before you keep your account. Some plans have this option, while others do not. Check with your ISP.

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Travel tech tip: How to pause cable and internet service while you’re away

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