Crazy events have happened around the world recently. It all started a few years ago when the world closed due to a global pandemic. Things are returning to normal, but we have learned to be ready for anything. Imagine this nightmare scenario unfolding: being kicked out of your own home before you know something is wrong.

Don’t you believe this can happen? It may also be called a home title scam. Here’s how it works: Thieves change the ownership of your home from You for them, take out loans and disappear – leaving you with payments and a mountain of legitimate accounts. The worst part is that it can take years before you realize you have become a victim.

Fortunately, our Home Title Lock sponsor can put up a virtual barrier around the title of your home. Go to and register your address to see if you are already a victim.

How title fraud occurs

Nowadays, almost anything can be done online. This includes digitizing sensitive documents, such as the title of your home, and storing them online. Cybercriminals are targeting home titles because they can make thousands of dollars by capturing them.

Here’s how the headline scam works:

  • Home titles are stored online today, and criminals know that. Everything they need to take legal ownership of your home, rental property or holiday home can easily be found online.
  • The thieves will forge your signature on a legal deed of transfer, put a fake notary stamp on it and re-register the title of your home, claiming that you are the new owner. It is shocking that no government agency is required to verify the legitimacy of the transfer of your home. Just like that, it’s theirs.
  • The criminal’s next logical move is to take out loans from multiple lenders, using your home as collateral. They take off with the money and leave you with the payments.
  • In some cases, thieves can claim ownership of your home and force the authorities to evict you from your home. Yes, this is actually happening!

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, it will cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to regain ownership of your home. What makes the situation even worse is that title fraud is not covered by owner insurance, banks or standard identity theft programs.

That’s why you need another way to protect your home. Only Home Title Lock protects you.

The nightmarish scenario comes to life

You may be thinking, “Sure, title fraud is possible, but will I really be targeted?” This type of fraud is more common than you think. One victim recently spoke, warning everyone how this happened to her and her family.

In October 2018, Debra’s family knocked on the door of their gated community in Florida. The county sheriff was evicting her, her daughter and grandchildren from their own homes.

“I could not believe that we were actually being evicted from our home, which we did not sell. “There were a few things that were left in the house, family photos, we will never return them,” she said. “It wasn’t just the house. These were our memories, it was their school, it was their playground, their pool, everything they enjoyed. It was a really nice community. “

Debra contacted her lawyer to find out what was going on when she found out that someone had gone online and sold her house online. The thieves not only took the capital out of her home at the beginning of the trial, but then sold it.

Debra’s heartbreaking story illustrates a very real threat that comes with lifelong consequences. It is time to take action. It’s time to get protection from Lock the title of the home.

For pennies a day, Home Title Lock publishes a virtual perimeter around your home’s online title and mortgage. The moment Home Title Lock finds that someone is forging your property or mortgage, it is in the case, warning you and mobilizing to help close it.

In the unlikely event that your property or mortgage is compromised, US-based Home Title Lock resolution experts will help you until the issue is resolved.

Register today at to protect your home and don’t forget to let them know that Kim sent you!

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