Nowadays, it’s easy to become a vlogger or even an amateur cameraman thanks to the evolution in smartphone cameras. Combined with advanced applications, you can record videos and quickly prepare them for sharing. Sometimes you listen to great music to get inspired, and as soon as you open the video, the music disappears. Through this article we will teach you (through) how to bypass hit behavior in the Apple iPhone range. You will be able to record video on your device while playing music from any app.

A common behavior when recording a video on the iPhone is to stop the music in the background after you start the video. It’s a convenience thing, after all, you probably don’t want your music ruining the footage, right? The problem is when you don’t have the ability to continue playing music. At least now there is an option for iPhone users. The trick is quite simple and does not require additional knowledge.

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How to record videos on iPhone without stopping your background music

  1. Start playing the music you want to hear in the background of your video.
  2. Open the Camera app and stay in Photo mode.
  3. Tap and hold the shutter button to start recording the video.
  4. To continue recording video without having to hold down the button, simply slide the shutter button to the far right. The prison will stretch under your finger and a padlock target icon will pop up.
  5. You can end the video recording by clicking the stop button.

The process is simple as it is. Once you’ve done the above steps, you’ll be ready to continue playing music while recording your videos on your iPhone. To check the results, you just need to head over to the Photos app. The video will be there and you can hear the music in the background when it plays. This is a great trick that can be useful for adding music segments without having to edit the video with external tools.

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How to Record Videos on iPhone without interrupting your music

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