If you’re trying to reset your Gmail password without a recovery email, you’ve come to the right place. Gmail is one of the earliest and most used services on Google. Almost every Google Account holder relies on Gmail for updates or other work. In addition, the Internet is full of tips to improve the overall Gmail experience. However, if you forget your Gmail password, recovering it can be a nightmare. Recovering your forgotten Gmail password can be complicated and time consuming.

In particular, Google offers some less difficult ways to recover your Gmail / Google password. There are a few things you can do to restore your Gmail account if it’s locked. However, these steps require verification by email or SMS. So this is only useful if you have provided your recovery phone number or email ID in your Google Account. Some Google Account holders do not add any of these details. Don’t worry, you can still restore your account. On the other hand, it will take time. In this guide, we’ll learn how to reset your Gmail password without a recovery email.

Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need. However, these steps have some limitations. You must already be signed in to your Gmail or Google Account on at least one device. You must also have access to this device.

How to recover Gmail password without email and recovery phone number

First, visit Google Account Recovery page

Enter your Gmail ID or username

Click Next

You will see three options on the next screen. These include “Enter your password” and “Receive confirmation email for recovery email”. The third option is to “try another login”.

So you have to “Try another way to log in” here.

You will be notified if you are logged in to another device with the same account. You also need to click “Yes” to verify your identity. You will then be logged in.

Recover your Gmail password, step 2

There is a limit to recovering the password for your Gmail / Google account using this method. You must have the same email ID on other devices.

You will then see a screen with the option to restore your account via SMS verification. You can click “Submit” and verify your account. However, it only works if you have a connected mobile number. So this method will not work for you as you do not have a mobile recovery number.

Now just click “Try another way”

Recover your Gmail password, step 3

Google will send you a link to reset your password after 72 hours. It takes Google three days to verify that your account belongs. Also, be sure to check your spam / spam folder if you don’t receive the email after 72 hours. It usually takes three days for your password reset link to arrive. However, this only works if you’re signed in with the same Gmail account on at least one device. This can be your laptop, computer or mobile phone.

When you receive an email to reset your password, click ‘Get Started.’ Now follow the on-screen instructions to change your password. However, this password will expire in 7 days. So, make sure you reset your password within this period.

Add a recovery email and phone number to your Google Account

Add a phone number and recovery email to your Google Account

After entering the new password, you can add a recovery email. This will allow you to recover your account when you forget your password. To add a recovery email, go to My Google Account page. Now click on Personal Information and add a phone number and email. You can add these details under Contact Information. You can also follow these steps to update or delete your contact information.

How To Recover Gmail Password Without Recovery Email, Phone Number

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