If you’re a Spotify listener, you’ve probably come across the app Mix function recently. Here’s how to rename your Blend playlists to something a little less basic [your name] + [friend’s name].

Blends are shared playlists that combine your music with that of up to 10 friends. Blend playlists are automatically generated by Spotify and updated daily, allowing you to track your friend’s listening habits and vice versa. You can even add new people to the playlist later for an even more diverse combination of songs, or create mixes with your favorite artists to see where your tastes overlap.

Creating a mix is ​​as simple as looking for Blend in the Spotify search bar and tapping Create Mix. Then all you have to do is invite your friends and wait for your playlist to appear in your library.

But what if you have several different mixtures? Or maybe you are creating one for a specific occasion or party? Read on to learn how to rename your Spotify Blends in just a few easy steps …

What you will need:

The short version

  1. Open your Spotify Blend
  2. Touch the three points
  3. Tap Edit name
  4. Enter a new name and press Done

How to rename your playlists to Spotify Blend

  1. Step

    Open your Spotify Blend

    If you haven’t already, you can find it with your other playlists in your library. spotify mixture

  2. Step

    Touch the three points

    This should be just below the title and description of your playlist. spotify mixed menu

  3. Step

    Tap Edit name

    You can find this option between View Blend Story and Leave Blend. name to edit the blending spotify

  4. Step

    Enter the name of your new playlist and tap Done

    It is! You renamed your Spotify Blend. spotify blend new name


How to make Spotify Blend

To make a mix, look for “Blend” in the Spotify search bar. Then tap “Create mix” and invite up to 10 friends to join.

How to add people to Spotify Blend

To add more people to your Blend, just open your Blend, tap the plus person icon, and tap “Invite more.” Then invite someone to your Blend and wait for them to accept.

How to rename your Spotify Blend playlists

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