How to Set Default Mail App on iOS

Here’s the easiest way to set the default Mail app on iOS.

Although it wasn’t always this way, in recent years Apple has allowed users to customize the default apps. This means that not everyone should use Apple’s own Mail app if they have an alternative they prefer.

If you’re interested in setting up your favorite Mail app to make your life easier, be sure to keep reading as we’re going to tell you the easiest way to set the default Mail app on iOS.

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The short version

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Find the Settings app
  • Scroll down and click on an appropriate mail application
  • Click on Default mail application
  • Select your preferred mail application
  1. step

    Unlock your iPhone

    Unlock and unlock your iPhone to start the process.iPhone home screen

  2. step

    Find the Settings app

    Find the Settings app on your iPhone. It is gray and looks like a gear.

  3. step

    Once in Settings, scroll down to find the appropriate mail app. You can choose between apps like Gmail, Mail or Outlook, depending on which you prefer. These will be located in different areas on the first Settings screen, so you may want to look for them if you’re not sure.

  4. step

    Click on Default mail application

    When you have selected the app you want to use, for this I chose Gmail, click the button that says Default Mail App.

  5. step

    Select your preferred mail application

    Select the mail app you want to use as your default mail app from now on. The options I have (Gmail, Outlook, and Mail) may be different than yours because you may have more apps downloaded that you will be able to access. About How I chose Gmail. You can always change the default app in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I set the default Apple Mail app?

No, you have a choice of other email apps, such as Gmail and Outlook, and you can always turn off apps as default depending on your preference.

How to set a default Mail app on iOS

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