If you want to turn off the AirDrop feature on your iPhone, this article explains how to do it step by step.

While AirDrop can be a very convenient feature for transferring files between nearby devices, it can also potentially be an inconvenience if someone tries to spam you using this method, since you don’t always need someone’s contact information. to use AirDrop.

Therefore, if you want to turn off the feature, just follow our guide below.

What we used

  • We used an iPhone 13, but you can use any iPhone or iPad

The short version

  • Open the Settings app
  • Tap General
  • Select AirDrop
  • Check “Receive Off”
  1. step

    Open the Settings app

    First, open the Settings app. You’ll find this on your iPhone’s home screen, and it has an icon that looks like a gear.

  2. step

    Tap General

    From the list in the Settings app, tap General.

  3. step

    Select AirDrop

    Now select AirDrop from the general settings options menu.

  4. step

    Check “Receive Off”

    Tap Turn off receiving so it has a small blue check mark next to it. You can no longer accept AirDrops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I turn off AirDrop?

You may be worried about receiving junk files through this method of communication, in which case you can turn it off to avoid worry.

How can I turn AirDrop back on?

Just follow the above guide but at the last stage you can tap on “Only contacts” or “All”

How to turn off AirDrop on your iPhone

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