INK is an AI-based writing tool that helps authors generate content that ranks in search.

The tool’s AI generates written results, helps you rewrite and expand, and provides SEO recommendations to ensure your content ranks.

We spoke with Alexander De RidderINK co-founder and CTO to learn more about this AI-based marketing tool.

In one sentence or statement, describe INK.

INK is a complete text editing solution powered by our proprietary AI to help writers generate and optimize content for ranking.

How does INK use artificial intelligence in its products?

Our INK Editor and Chrome extension use our powerful proprietary AI to do what no other software on the market does. The INK editor and Chrome extension have AI writing features that generate AI writing results, rewrite, shorten and expand—and much more—spelling/grammar suggestions, readability suggestions, headline optimization suggestions, and recommendations for SEO to ensure content is ranked.

What are the main marketing use cases of INK’s AI-based solutions?

Ranking! With INK’s advanced artificial intelligence, there’s no more guessing if your content will rank. Just enter your text in the INK Editor or use our Chrome extension, follow INK’s recommendations, watch your INK SEO score rise and get ready to rank!

What makes INK’s AI-based solution smarter than traditional approaches and products?

We are at the forefront of a revolution. We’re not just leading, we’re creating the Natural Language Optimization (NLO) space—a powerful synthesis that harnesses the power of natural language processing and seamlessly integrates it with our proprietary AI for advanced search optimization. Writing with INK empowers our users to create content that ranks.

What is NLO? It is an advanced natural language processing tool for search engine optimization. INK is leading this movement – ​​we’re building this unique content marketplace by harnessing the power of natural language processing with our powerful, proprietary AI and constantly innovating and making it even better.

Are there any minimum requirements for marketers to benefit from INK’s AI-powered technology? (eg data, list size, etc.)

Exactly the opposite. INK solutions are ideal for almost any writing and optimization task. Simply type your content into the INK Editor or write with the Chrome extension using our powerful AI to make quick work of any writing project.

Use INK’s real-time recommendations based on content that competes for the keywords you’re looking for. Just follow INK’s recommendations, see your SEO score rise and get ready to rank.

These applications work for any size of business, from individual content creators to large teams in large international corporations. We know this because that’s who’s winning on the INK network right now.

Who are INK’s ideal customers in terms of company size and industries?

As for the size, there is no minimum or limit. INK solutions work for any size of business, from individual content creators to large teams in global corporations. Our users come from many industries – marketing, media, publishing, software, education, nonprofits, and many more. Basically, any business that has writing and SEO needs can benefit from the power of INK.

What do you think are the limitations of AI as it exists today?

Remember when SEO was all about keyword stuffing? The more keywords crammed into a piece of text, the better, right? Now we know how to use keywords in a much more gentle and nuanced way.

Some limitations of AI are similar to this outdated practice and include AI that does not consider the context of the language. Additionally, most AI solutions on the market do not include SEO features. But not INK.

INK is powered by KUPE, an advanced Transformer-based AI. Can understand the context and meaning of the text. Our technology doesn’t stop there. INK recognizes your writing purpose and makes your content perform.

What do you see as the future potential of AI in marketing?

We’ve been hearing that AI is the future for a long time. Well, the future is now. AI is and will be a huge part of content creation. This is inevitable. This does not mean that AI will necessarily replace the talent of the writer. That means the best tools will include AI to empower and write with you — not for you.

Any other thoughts on AI in marketing or tips for marketers just getting started with AI?

Don’t be afraid to incorporate AI into your marketing efforts or content strategy. With the right tools, you can streamline content production. Instead of replacing your unique brand voice, using AI saves time and increases productivity.

The time you’ll save by using AI instead of manual typing Everyone. Unmarried. A word. of your content – ​​this saves time that you can invest in refining the AI ​​output and shaping it to your liking. With the advanced AI software, the time it will take to smooth out the results before you hit publish will be minimal.

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