Computex is just hours away and will include key notes from some of the biggest names in technology, including AMD, Nvidia and Microsoft. There will almost certainly be some exciting announcements from each brand, but since Computex takes place in Taipei, Taiwan, the main notes don’t happen at the most convenient time (at least for those of us in North America).

Microsoft and AMD’s key notes will keep you awake until the wee hours of the morning, while Nvidia’s main note will not be available until late tomorrow night. Here’s how and when to tune in to each base note:

How to view the main text of AMD

AMD Chief Executive Officer Lisa Soo will speak in a keynote address entitled “AMD’s Advancement of High-Performance Computing”, which is set to emphasize AMD’s latest innovations in laptop and desktop performance. It is rumored that the chip company will reveal Ryzen 7000 series desktop processors that use the new Zen 4 core architecture as well as its own X670E, X670 and B650 motherboards which support the next generation AM5 platform.

You can watch the main text on YouTube when he leaves live early tomorrow morning on Monday, May 23 at 2:00 ET, 11:00 PM PT or 2:00 PM local time in Taipei. If you are not sure what time it is for where you live, you can check this out convenient graphics for time conversion AMD posted on Twitter.

How to view basic Nvidia information

Nvidia’s keynote report will include six different speakers, including Ian Buck, the company’s vice president of accelerated computing; Jeff Fisher, Senior Vice President, GeForce; and Michael Kagan, Nvidia’s chief technical officer. The main note is set to cover a range of topics, such as accelerated computing, games, content creation, and data center solutions.

You can view basic information from Nvidia’s live YouTube stream tomorrow evening, 23 May at 23:00 ET / 20:00 PT or 11:00 local time in Taipei.

How to view the main text of Microsoft

Microsoft’s keynote address includes an interview with Panos Panay, chief product officer behind Windows and Microsoft Surface, and Nicole Dessen, Microsoft’s corporate vice president. The key word is simply “Talking about Windows 11 with Panos Panay and Nicole Dessen.”

You can watch the 30-minute keynote speech from YouTube early tomorrow morning on 23 May at 3.30 am ET / 12:30 pm PT or 3.30 pm local time in Taipei.

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