In each case, Tricentis was able to help its customers – LVMH, Guardian and Marvell – tackle and address these challenges using robust testing, said Harit Patel, Tricentis’ chief product officer, speaking at a recent Deskflix: DevOps event.

How did they turn testing into a competitive advantage? The first step was to increase the speed and frequency of automated testing, as well as some strategic changes: for example, centralizing test assets and automating and embedding test orchestration in CI / CD.

“This has led to much more efficient automation for their overall testing efforts,” Patel said.

But automation and test management only get you there. To make it truly a competitive advantage, test automation and orchestration need to be put in context with other types, such as manual and exploratory testing.

“This leap to strategic testing requires real-time analysis to help make data-based decisions, as well as the ability to share those reports and analyzes with the rest of the business.”

To hear the rest of Harit’s presentation, watch the video below.

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