Here’s what we think we know: Apple is gearing up to unveil its first-generation mixed reality device next years of development (and speculation). The Metta is upset about the contest and now looks to land some punches before his competitor enters the ring.

Ready to ride

That’s why Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg threw some shade at his competitor in the Meta link. In this way, the company is trying to position itself as a champion of an open metaverse. “I strongly believe that an open, interoperable metauniverse built by many different developers and companies will be better for everyone,” he said.

It does remind me of the arguments Google used when it introduced Android, and it rather amuses me that Apple is experiencing a rapid resurgence in PC sales, even though the number of Android-to-iPhone switches is clearly increasing.

Zuckerberg’s approach to openness also reminds me of the kind of partnerships Microsoft has had with others up until now antitrust regulators stepped in to limit its grip on the PC market. At the time, the PC market was open as long as you did as you were told.

Throw in some customer satisfaction data and you could probably make a case for the idea that an open concept often turns out to be better for everyone except the users.

While making such a case probably puts you at odds with free market ideologues, you probably would gained support by Steve Jobs who once said, “We think open vs. closed is just a smokescreen to try to hide the real issue, which is: What’s best for the customer?”

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