The UK-based company High Speed ​​2 (HS2) has revealed the first design images of Washwood Heath Depot, the maintenance facility and main control center for the entire HS2 network.

HS2 will use this site to maintain, service and store trains when they are not in use.

This site will consist of a maintenance building, a network-integrated control center (NICC) and a building for cleaning and drivers.

The maintenance building will serve as the main center for on-site operations. It will be used to maintain the HS2 train fleet, in addition to storing materials and equipment.

In addition, the building will house nearly 250 employees, including facility management, fleet management, manufacturing, cleaning and depot drivers.

Designed to monitor the entire HS2 network, the network-integrated control center will be centrally located at the Washwood Heath depot.

The building, which will house the operational and management functions of the HS2 network, will consist of a control room, a gym and a dining room. The building will employ about 100 people.

Located in the western part of the landfill, the cleaners ‘and drivers’ building will provide facilities for train servicing and driver training teams.

This building, which will be connected to the stable, will accommodate about 200 people.

All buildings will include green features such as the use of solar roof panels, low carbon materials, renewable energy. They will also allow natural light to penetrate and reuse rainwater from the roofs.

Located northeast of downtown Birmingham, Washwood Heath is expected to create more than 550 jobs locally.

HS2 Supply Project Manager Richard Kirkham said: “Our design team is focused on ensuring that sustainability is included in our Washwood Heath Depot site and is a great example of HS2’s environmental ambitions.

In March this year, HS2 unveiled projects on the northern noise reduction portal of the Chiltern Tunnel in the United Kingdom.

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