Huawei may struggle to keep its smartphone business alive and well, but the company is still doing well in other segments. The company recently announced a partnership with Nationstar Optoelectronics to promote the development of mini LEDs and micro-LEDs. Huawei is one of the few companies to offer a smart TV with a mini LED panel. In addition to a solid TV business, Huawei is one of the biggest names in China in AIoT products. Since their devices are good and very popular, it is natural to see small brands counterfeit them to make easy profits from time to time. Unfortunately, counterfeiting is still an easy practice in China and products of this kind are everywhere. However, Huawei managed to punish the company for this illegal practice.

An unauthorized dealer sold counterfeit Huawei headphones, misleading customers. The guilty party named Shenzhen Jinyun Video Equipment Co., Ltd. infringed on Huawei’s trademark. It also uses the FREEBUDS trademark for counterfeit products. They also used labels such as “Officially Original Huawei Only” and “Official Genuine Equipment” on their online product page to entice customers. After numerous complaints from those affected by the fraud, Huawei decided to investigate.

Huawei won the case and will receive good compensation

Huawei itself entered take action to investigate the practice. Following the investigation, the company continued to sue Shenzhen Jinyun Video Equipment Co., Ltd for trademark and copyright infringement. In addition, Huawei also requested 3 million yuan, which is approximately $ 450,000. The company claims to have economic losses. The hippopotamus also asked the Chinese legal authorities to force the accused to bear the costs.

The case was heard in the Yuhang District People’s Court in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China. It ruled in favor of Huawei and ordered Shenzhen Jinyun Equipment Company, Ltd to pay Huawei 1 million yuan. That’s 2 million yuan less than the company asked for. However, it is natural for the court to make some adjustments here and there. That amount is about $ 150,000 and will go to the company as compensation.

Unfortunately, as far as buyers are concerned, there is nothing to be done. For this reason, it is always a good idea to check before proceeding with your purchase. Always check the place where you buy and the comments made for a particular seller. Counterfeit products are everywhere and are hard to avoid when shopping in big places like AliExpress.

Huawei sues counterfeit headphone maker and wins a compensation

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