Struggling to guess the Hurdle for September 23rd? Do you want help?

Everyone is getting ready for the weekend! Maybe today’s song will be added to a future playlist of yours. Start the weekend on a high note and finish it off!

Remember, if you need help, we’ve listed some tips below to nudge you in the right direction.

If you missed yesterday’s Song of the Day, you can find the answer here. Make sure you come back each day for tips and help solving the Daily Hurdle.

How to play Hurdle

Hurdle is like Wordle or In a frame, but with a musical flavor. Players listen to a clip of a popular song and try to guess the artist and song title. With each incorrect or missed answer, players unlock a few more seconds of the song. The maximum number of guesses is six, meaning users will hear a maximum of 16 seconds of the song.

The goal is to name the song with as few guesses as possible.

Hurdle Track Tips for Friday 23rd September

  • Today’s Heardle was launched in 2018.
  • Today’s Hurdle is in the pop genre.
  • The first letter of the artist in today’s Heardle begins with the letter A.

Hurdle’s answer for Friday, September 23

Are you giving up and need help? Don’t worry about that – we’re here to help! If you want to see the answer to today’s Hurdle, scroll below.

The answer to today’s Hurdle is…

Leave me slowly by Alec Benjamin

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